A visa refusal is when a submitted visa application is declined by the Department of Home Affairs. Visas can be refused for many reasons such as insufficient evidence, ineligibility or changes in Government policy and/or health or character issues. It’s also important to remember any incorrect or false claims / documents can lead to a visa refusal.

If your visa has been refused or cancelled, then you may be able appeal the decision with the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) through a visa appeal. However, your decision to appeal is dependent on the whether your application meets the legislative requirements.

Deciding whether you should appeal or not requires a detailed assessment of your application, which can be challenging if you do not understand how Australian migration law applies to your case. That’s why working with our registered migration agents to fully understand the reasons for your refusal or cancellation gives you the best chance moving forward.

If your visa application is refused or cancelled and you want to appeal, then you will need to act quickly, as the Department of Home Affairs has strict time frames and processes for lodging appeals with the AAT.

We can help you navigate the various stages such as applying within the deadline (critical), developing strong arguments, providing guidance on how you can obtain sufficiently credible evidence, lodging written submissions, and attending at your hearing.

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The Australian visa process requires you to be accurate and have a strong attention to detail with a solid understanding of how Australia’s migration laws apply, if you are going to put forward a convincing case for appeal.  

Furthermore, we understand that it can be very stressful having your future in Australia hanging in the balance especially when there are time limits in play.  So, if you have had your visa refused or cancelled and you are concerned about what to do next, there is no better time to seek professional advice.  Our Migration Agents can provide you with valuable advice and support to ensure that your visa appeals application meets the requirements of the Administrative Appeals Tribunal.

We are experienced in dealing with complex cases and appeals and know that challenging a visa refusal or cancellation decision is not an easy process, but our highly skilled team have successfully done so countless times.

So, if you are looking for a migration agent with visa appeal experience, we would be happy to assist you by providing you with honest and ethical advice about whether you have a case for appeal.

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