Prospective Marriage (Fiancé) Visa

Fiancé visas are the most common of all the partner visas. This visa is the first of a 3 stage process. The 3 stages are – fiancé visa - temporary spouse visa - permanent spouse visa.

The subclass 300 visa is intended for couples who plan to get married onshore or offshore within the visa validity period (nine months).

After your marriage has taken place, you can apply for a Partner (subclass 820/801) visa which provides a pathway to permanent residency.

You and your fiancé(e) must:

* be at least 18 years old, and not be closely related

* be free to marry one another

* genuinely intend to get married within nine months of the visa grant date(the marriage may take place either in Australia or overseas)

* have physically met, and be personally known to each other

* genuinely intend to live together as a married couple

Your sponsor must:

* be an Australian citizen, permanent resident or eligible New Zealand citizen

* not have previously sponsored more than one other fiancé, partner or spouse for migration to Australia, and not have sponsored a fiancé, spouse or partner for migration to Australia within the last 5 years (unless there are compelling circumstances)

* not have been sponsored for a Spouse, Partner or Prospective Marriage visa by someone else within the last 5 years (unless there are compelling circumstances)

Importantly, you must be outside Australia both when your application is lodged, and when your visa is granted.

Your marriage must occur during the validity period of your visa (within nine months of the visa grant date) and your wedding may take place either in Australia or overseas.

This visa allows the applicant to work and study in Australia, however access to Medicare is not available until the subsequent Spouse visa has been lodged.

Fiancé Partner Pathway

1. Engaged to your Australian Partner? You can apply for a Subclass 300 Prospective Marriage Visa

2. Upon visa grant you may travel to Australia and marry your fiancé (before your visa expires)

3. After your marriage, apply for the Subclass 820 Provisional Spouse Visa to remain in Australia

4. Two years after first applying for your 820 Partner Visa and if you still in a relationship with your sponsor, then you can apply for the 801 Permanent Partner Visa