What are the next steps?

 We understand that the partner and family visa process is an expensive and  important investment, and that you would also like to know what possible  visa pathway you have before investing their money.  So we are happy to  have a brief chat before booking you in for a consultation. 

Our consultation fee is $100.  This ensures that you are serious about  migrating and are prepared to engage the services of a professional and  experienced migration agent (although the fee is credited towards future  services should you become our client).   We will provide you a letter  of advice outlining the next steps you should take, the visa type you  should pursue and your potential for success. 

We believe in transparency and want you to leave your consultation with a  thorough understanding of the options available to you, how we can  assist and how much it will cost, so that you can plan accordingly.  Our  professional fees are competitive and dependent on the level of service  you need and the complexity of your situation.   

We are committed to helping you achieve your goals and turn your  migration plans into a reality and are available to discuss your  specific circumstances and arrange a suitable payment plan to make it  possible for you.  

Level of Services

Western Migration understands the complexities involved with visa  applications and will ensure that each client's experience a successful and stress  free journey from start to finish.  

We offer a range of visa and  migration services tailored to suit your needs, budget and  circumstances. 

Ultimate Package


 The Ultimate Package is intended for candidates who require  extensive assistance with their Australian visa application.   Essentially under this service, we take complete control of your visa  application process from the beginning until the time the Department of  Home Affairs makes a decision.  Whilst we will need your cooperation  with collecting some documents and other evidence, we will look after  everything else from start to finish. 

Partner DIY Package


 The Partner DIY Package is designed for couples who are up for the DIY  challenge.  Our comprehensive DIY Kit, inclusive of checklists, forms,  tips, advice and templates is a step by step manual and everything you  need to guide you through the process!  Once you have prepared your  partner visa application, we will conduct a detailed review  and provide  you with a report highlighting any areas of concern along with  recommendations as to how your application can be strengthened. 



 Most visa applications which are  made in Australia and are refused can be appealed.  So, when you are  notified that your partner or family visa application has been refused by the Department  of Home Affairs, you will be advised of your Review rights.  It is  important to note that there are strict time limits for making an appeal. Time limits depend on the type of decision and whether you are in immigration detention. Please note that the time limit cannot be extended.    If your visa is refused, it is important to get visa advice ASAP.   Western Migration are experienced at handling appeals and  visa cancellations.

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