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We offer clients a range of services, depending on the level of help required, personal circumstances and budget. Some clients only need minimal assistance and reassurance that they are on the right path, whilst others like to manage their application but would like the comfort of using our DIY package. Other clients might be time poor or have more complex issues and prefer their application to be managed by a professional migration agent.

No matter your situation, we have you covered:


The Initial Consultation is first and most important step in the process; essential for anyone considering lodging a Partner or Family Visa Application. Generally, the session takes about one hour, which can be in person, or over Skype or Phone.

During this session your and your partner will have the opportunity to tell us your story and we will provide you with advice about your next steps.

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The Partner DIY Package is the ideal option for families who are 'hands on' and up for the DIY challenge. Our DIY Kit provides you a step by step guide along with templates, tips and checklists to help you navigate the Partner Visa process on your own.

The package includes the option of a full review (once or twice) by our Registered Migration Agent prior to lodgement.

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The Ultimate Package is exactly that; full service. We take complete control of your partner visa application process from the beginning until the time the Department of Home Affairs makes a decision.

We will need your cooperation with collecting some documents and other evidence, but otherwise we look after everything else from start to finish.

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