Partner Visa Refusal

A visa refusal is when a submitted visa application is declined by the Department of Immigration & Border Protection. Visas can be refused for many reasons such as missing evidence, ineligibility, health or character issues and fraudulent documents.

If you have had your Partner visa refused we can assist. If your partner visa application has been refused, you often need to decide whether to appeal, or to apply again.

When an application for a Partner Visa is refused, the applicant can appeal the decision to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT).

An AAT Tribunal member will look at your partner visa application again. They make a new decision about the factor your application was refused on. The Tribunal may agree with the refusal decision of the immigration department. Alternatively, they may disagree with the refusal decision, change the decision, and send your application back to the department for further processing.

However, if you lodged an offshore partner visa application and it was refused you could apply again from offshore.

Understanding the reasons for reasons for refusal and working with an experienced migration agent offers you the best chance of an appeal.

Requests for Further Information

Prior the Department of Home Affairs making their decision, the case officer can seek Further Information (RFI's) if they are not satisfied that the supporting evidence you have provided in your partner visa application meets the visa requirements.

The quality of the response to these requests can determine whether or not the application is granted or refused. Given that an RFI has strict time frames for providing a response, they can cause additional stress for the applicant(s).

Our experienced Migration Agent can help you assess the Department's request and help formulate the right response, improving your chances of obtaining that visa grant.